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Texas Geographic Society Overview

The objective of the Texas Geographic Society (TxGS) is to use geographic data and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to help improve government services and education in and around Texas. TxGS will pursue grants to commence these activities in 2003. TxGS will also use its membership and partnerships with public and private organizations to reach its objective. The work of TxGS is divided in two interrelated program areas: Government and Education.

Government Programs constitute 70 % of the TxGS effort. They include:

  1. Compiling existing data and tools from public and private sources and providing integrated solutions to problems faced by government.
  2. Assisting communities and regions in acquiring and disseminating new or existing data sets or tools.
  3. Assisting the US Geological Survey and others in the development and on-going improvement of the National Map through development of a National Map Volunteer Corps to include valuable local data within the National Map.
Education Programs constitute 30 % of the TxGS effort. They include:
  1. Supporting K through 12 education through community-based programs and Internet delivery of supportive materials. This work is based-on and in coordination with the Orton Family Foundation Community Mapping Program. The purpose of this effort is to provide education to youth while helping communities meet real-world challenges.
  2. Supporting undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and general public education through a variety of sponsored conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  3. Employment of qualified university interns to support its activities and thereby assist them in their education.
    The intended impacts of these programs include:
  1. Reducing the burden of government by reducing its cost through increasing data sharing and collaboration.
  2. Increasing the effectiveness of government by increasing its use of powerful automated GIS analysis and service delivery tools.
  3. Improving the quality of education by empowering youth through utilizing geographic data and GIS technologies in real world community-based applications.
  4. Improving the quality and quantity of related educational materials by making geographic data, GIS technologies and supporting materials broadly available for educational purposes.
  5. Promoting community development and reducing community decline through the combined impact of reduced government cost, improved government services and community-supportive education initiatives.
  6. Promoting the evolution and application of geospatial and GIS-related sciences through broadening dissemination of data, tools, and education, and increasing the number, coverage and breadth of collaborative efforts using these technologies.

TXGS Grant Projects:

Hazard Mitigation Planning:

TXGS received a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning Grant in 2003 as a sub-grantee to the Texas Division of Emergency Management. The purpose of this grant is to compile and deliver digital geographic datasets that can be used by state and local hazard mitigation planners in identifying potential natural hazards and quantifying related risk.

It is an online resource, including a map server application, and was first made available for public access in March 2004. The content and organization of this site will evolve at least until March of 2006 (when current funding concludes).

To visit or utilize this site, please go to Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP) at:

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